Latest Architectural Styles in Los Altos

Latest Architectural Styles in Los Altos

  • Dustin Owen
  • 07/5/23

Homes have been erected in this quiet suburb south of San Francisco for more than a century. The community of Los Altos has been home to great leaps in tech innovation in recent years, adding to the local wealth and influencing architectural styles. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers there in the mid-1970s, and the city hosted Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg while he grew a small social media platform into the global giant it is today.

Driving the streets of this Bay area community will allow you to see the diverse architectural styles past homeowners have constructed and the latest trends taking shape in the city today.

Los Altos is seeing a resurgence of Mid-Century Modern

From the end of WWII until the late 1960s, Mid-Century Modern homes were popping up in subdivisions and small towns across the country. The open floor plans, stone and brick accents, and vaulted ceilings starkly contrasted the more traditional styles that dominated home building in the earlier part of the century. More commonly known as MCM, this style incorporated a blending of indoor and outdoor spaces, too. Large windows were a prominent feature, allowing lots of natural light to enter grand rooms. Covered patios decorated with comfortable furniture were the perfect spots to unwind after a long day or to entertain friends on the weekends.

This architectural style has begun to make a comeback in Los Altos. Homes that emulate MCM are being constructed, with modern touches added to them to make them more up-to-date. The large windows and open floor plans are still dominating features but are constructed with modern materials and up to current building codes. Look for these homes when driving through and viewing Los Altos architecture, many of which have been designed by Klopf Architecture.

California Ranch Style homes are still popular

Since their first designs led to home builds in the 1930s, California Ranch Style dwellings are still being constructed. And in Los Altos, there seems to be an uptick in them.

The interior of these homes tended to be minimalistic. The floor plans were sometimes open, the rooms laid out in a way that was purely to satisfy function. The dwellings tended to be one-story, often with a garage attached. They were largely constructed in suburban areas on the west coast but quickly became popular in many other regions of the United States.

Today’s new construction of these homes adds modern elements to a style that is now considered classic. The aesthetics are much warmer, and the accents are more decorative than functional. French doors, arched entryways, and other touches make them stand out more than their predecessors. When you’re looking at the varieties of Los Alto's architecture, you’re sure to see a number of California Ranch Style houses, both old and new.

Los Altos has a number of Cape Cod homes

One of the oldest architectural styles in North America originated in the early days of the British colonies in the Northeast. Colonists built homes to help combat the harsh elements of New England winters, making them sturdy and efficient. These rectangular homes have roofs with steep pitches, smaller windows, and sweeping porches and/or verandas. For four centuries, these homes have dotted the coastlines of the Northeast and have become a popular style in almost every region of the United States.

The Cape Cod style has become popular with some homeowners in Los Altos. This classic style has been blended with modern design and modified to fit the climate of the Bay area. Larger windows, open kitchens, and luxurious interior woodwork signify a home type that is more elegant than meets the eye from the curb. It’s a style of Los Alto's architecture catching on, with each homeowner adding their own flair and twists with every build.

High-end Modern dominates the luxury real estate market in Los Altos

Since it was first conceived in the 1970s, the modern architectural style has grown in popularity. It’s a style that strongly contrasts minimalism, putting function over aesthetics. The homes are often boxy in appearance and made from the sturdiest materials available.

In Los Altos today, many newer homes are built with modern stylings in mind but suited for luxurious tastes. These multi-million dollar dwellings are constructed with multiple bathrooms, with some having a bathroom for every bedroom. They are boxy but tall. Some are two and three stories and have large, multi-vehicle garages connected to them.

The homes have open floor plans, large windows, and ceilings that are 10 feet high (or taller). The grand rooms in these houses are made to seem even larger with the preceding elements in mind. Some have been constructed with large finished basements, perfect for family rooms or home gyms. Patios and decks are often seen protruding from the backs of them, covered overhead to make them great places to entertain during the sunniest months. Subdivisions and newly developed neighborhoods will have a good percentage of the homes built with this style in mind, as it is one of the most commonly built architectural styles in Los Altos.

The bottom line

There are many styles of architecture represented within Los Altos. Whether you are looking for a recent build or a dwelling that has stood sturdily for decades, you’ll have no shortage of variety. If you have a specific architectural style, a seasoned real estate expert would be the best bet in discovering one that suits your needs. An experienced agent like Dustin Owen knows not only the various architecture styles available in Los Altos but will also help you negotiate the best deal possible for your dream home in this popular Bay area suburb.

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